Powering the Critical Operations Landscape with Innovative, Bold and Trusted Eco-Technology and Services

ST Electronics (Data Centre Solutions) has a proven record of supplying and installing numerous efficient and environmentally-friendly data centres with innovative and evolutionary designs for various industries. We have over 25 years of expertise and technical know-how to successfully plan, design and execute data centre construction that best fits the clients’ requirements.

Customised Design & Build

Key Features

  • Reliable & secure with innovative design
  • Long term sustainability to enhance business opportunities
  • Efficient & environmentally friendly
  • Power and cooling management
  • Diverse connectivity

We provide project management for the construction of purpose-built data centre facility. Committed to the business continuity and growth of our clients’ operations, we ensure that each and every turn-key data centre project we undertake is designed to provide a green, secure, reliable and long term sustainable integrated platform to ensure IT assets are connected, operating efficiently and in a physically secure eco-friendly environment.

We value-add to the design and build projects as our team fully understands the operational domain and technical requirements of a critical operating environment (COE).

Automation and maintenance provision will be integrated into the design to minimise human intervention and achieve greater reliability of the entire system; simplified and standard engineering setup with emergency procedure for restoration of services to support the IT infrastructure will be incorporated.

Our business is to provide an end to end solution for clients who want a data centre it can manage to retain their company data.

We can help to design your new builds that will transform your business operation and efficiency.

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Preventive Maintenance & Facilities Management

Key Features

  • In-house expertise
  • Well equipped workshop and training facilities
  • Adequacy of supplies
  • Contingency readiness
  • Life Cycle Management

As their trusted partner, our clients know that their business operations are backed by years of industry experience. Our team of technical professionals, project management staff and reputable consultants offer our clients the assurance they need.

We provide reliable and prompt services where our technical crew will arrive at the clients’ site within 2 hours upon notification, 24/7. Clients are assured that their equipment will have maximum uptime with minimal risk of information and revenue lost.

Our in-house specialised team of service engineers manage, monitor and maintain over 100 clients’ critical environment, in conformance to our clients’ requirements and current industrial standards & practices.

We offer a full spectrum of preventive maintenance (PM) and facilities management (FM) services, as well as provide the most cost-effective solutions. As we are not bound by company product lines, we are able to combine the best match of products and brands for our clients. Together with our partners, we provide continual reliability and maintainability analysis of equipment as a further value-add to ensuring a good life-cycle management of systems and technology.

Upon our clients’ request, we conduct a review assessment of their data centre facilities.

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Private Suite Hosting

Key Features

  • Manage entire physical facilities
  • Access to our 24x7 FM, PM and security teams
  • Meeting clients' service level agreements
  • Improvements in terms of costs, reliability and security
  • Flexibility and adaptability for future advance technologies

Right-sizing of a data centre for immediate needs is more critical in today’s data centre setup. Areas to consider when sizing includes security, reliability, energy and operation efficiency, as well as flexibility and adaptability to future advance technologies.

For clients who do not want to own and/or manage their own data centre facility, we offer our in-house expertise to help customise their IT space centre. With this model, our client leases a dedicated and customised-built data centre suite at our purpose-built data centre facility, or at the clients’ site for those who prefer to bear their own operating expenses. This approach is popular with companies and DC operators in co-location requiring space from 1,000 to 20,000 square feet.

We have two Data Centre facilities designed to meet the critical hosting needs of the financial services industry, educational institutes, government agencies and MNCs. Our clients can expect to be supported with an array of M&E and general facilities such as dedicated power source, cooling system, under-ground diesel tank, outdoor generators with N+1 supporting up to 24 hours operation and 2N+1 Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). Technical areas and associated plant rooms are also supported by Very Early Smoked Detection and Apparatus system (VESDA).

Outsource your data centre facility to us, and focus on your Mission Critical IT Operations while we manage the entire physical facilities infrastructure from cooling and power availability to environmental monitoring.

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